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Sara was referred to me by one of my coworkers – and I am so glad she was! I told Sara that this will likely be a long process since, despite the fact that I knew I wanted to buy, I didn’t know for what I was looking. Sara said that wouldn’t be a problem, that she would take me out, show me what the market looks like and she will be there when I am ready. On the first day that she took me out, funnily enough, the first house we saw was the one I ended up bidding on and eventually buying. Sara made a typically very stressful and exhausting process a simple one for several reasons:

Sara knows the market – In this incredibly competitive market with almost no inventory, Sara was able to give me her honest opinion about the properties that we saw. She never pushed me – it was all about finding the right place for me. She is very knowledgeable about the entire Los Angeles area – price trends, quality, quantity – she knows it all!

Sara is unbelievably responsive – If I send her an email or text, she responds in 10 minutes or less 100% of the time. You need this. A responsive real estate agent to a buyer is like water to a fish – it’s an absolute necessity. Given that homes for sale typically have multiple offers on them, the agent and buyer need to be responsive. There’s no time to waste.

Sara is fun, friendly and easy to get along with – Over the last month, I spoke to Sara more frequently than I spoke to my parents and friends… combined! For that reason, it’s vital to work with someone with whom you get along well. Sara is very easy to talk to, warm and welcoming. This attitude helps make a scary process a little less intimidating.

I am so grateful for Sara’s services. I truly had a wonderful experience and now, thanks to her, I am living in a beautiful home!

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