Emily Fisher

Sara was my agent starting in November 2011. After 8 months of looking and 4 offers, I finally bought my house. Throughout the entire process, Sara was helpful, available, and attentive. If I called or texted her, she would respond within a few minutes (even late at night). If she couldn’t talk then, she would tell me when she’d be able to. She always answered my questions and explained the process to me – as many times as I needed to hear it. Sara is also good at communicating with other agents and is not afraid to continue to contact them until she gets a response. Not only did she send me listings to review, but she took me on appointments to see houses, drove me around neighborhoods to get a feel for what I liked, and took me back to see houses I was interested in as many times as I needed. I really felt like she was on my side during the process and that she would stick with it for as long as it took for me to find the right house, which I did in July 2012!

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