Best Words For Your Home Listing

Best Words For Your Home Listing

When describing your home to someone, what words do you use? Do you call it luxurious? Spacious? Beautiful? According to a recent report from CoreLogic, the words you choose to describe your home can have a tremendous effect on its sale. Not only can they influence how quickly your home sells, but also how much money it ultimately sells for. We’ve compiled a list of keywords you should consider using if they accurately describe your home for sale – and those you should actively avoid.

10 best keywords for your listing

Have a discussion with your agent and brainstorm about the best features of your home. Use the following words to help describe those assets:

  1. Beautiful – What is beautiful to one person may not be to the next, but if you know you have an outstanding view or a gorgeous garden, don’t be afraid to use this word.
  2. Luxurious – Lower-priced homes that use the word luxurious often sell for more than expected. Use this word if you have any amenities that could be considered high-end.
  3. Turn-key – Is your home move-in ready? Then you should definitely say so, as that can be a huge selling feature for many potential buyers.
  4. Landscaped – Have you put time and energy into your home’s exterior? Be sure to highlight this in your listing.
  5. Remodeled – Have you recently remodeled or renovated your home? Let buyers know about those updates.
  6. Upgraded – If you’ve upgraded or updated any features in your home, you should spell out what they are in the listing.
  7. Stainless – Stainless steel appliances are quite popular with home buyers, so it’s best to clearly state if your home comes with these features.
  8. Granite – Much like stainless steel appliances, granite countertops are an attractive feature that should be mentioned in your description.
  9. Spotless – You may think every home is thoroughly cleaned before being sold, but that isn’t always the case. If you’ve gone the extra mile to banish built-up dirt and grim, be sure to describe your home as spotless.
  10. Spacious – If you know your home has plenty of room to suit just about anyone’s needs, you should definitely describe it as being spacious.

Don’t use these words

There are words that can help your home sell quickly and for a great price, and those that will definitely work against you. If you’re writing up a description of your home for sale, you should avoid using any of these words:

  1. Value – Describing a home as being a “good value” can often net you a lower selling price.
  2. Must sell – Communicating your need to sell quickly is an invitation for low-ball offers.
  3. Motivated seller – Much like “must sell,” describing a seller as motivated reads like desperation, which often results in offers that are lower than market value.
  4. Small – Unless you’re selling a tiny home, avoid describing it as small. Choose a word with more positive connotations, such as “cozy.”
  5. Outdated – If your home is vintage, that’s one thing. Many buyers appreciate vintage details in a home. Outdated sounds negative and something to be avoided.

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