Marge C.

First of all, I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart what a pleasure it has been working with you at the other end of the transaction. I’ve been a full-time realtor for over 33 years, and it’s rare that I don’t have to do the other agent’s work. You are truly a professional at what you do, besides being a lovely person to work with. I always commented on how delightful it has been working with you. You actually do your job and more, and still have your client’s best interest at all times. I actually laughed at a couple of the other offers and how they may have been high in price and all cash, but the agents presented the offers and their clients so poorly that they were not even a consideration. I can say that the strongest other offer was my own client, all cash, and liked very much. Had they bought the property I could have gone back into the deal after the negotiations. It would have been a slightly lower commission do to me representing both ends of the deal. In spite of that, sellers chose your clients as she liked you as their strong agent as well as your clients being lovely, credible people.

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