Jessica Bass and Jay Ginsberg

When my husband and I met Sara for the first time it felt like we had suddenly stumbled upon the best kept secret in Los Angeles real estate. We had been wandering aimlessly from open house to open house for a couple months, completely clueless about what to expect and not even sure we were ready to buy. And then, we found Sara. She turned what could have been an incredibly tedious and stressful process into something exciting and fun. She is without a doubt a master at her craft, but perhaps more importantly, she understands that sometimes it all boils down to relationships. She was there for us throughout the whole process, taking on the role of both agent and friend. She answered any and every question (no matter how silly) and provided her support and guidance when we needed it most. We trust her because she earned it and deserves it. Ultimately, she helped us find our perfect first home and we couldn’t be more grateful. If you are thinking about working with her, stop thinking and do it.

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