Decorate With What You Have

Decorate With What You HaveAre you getting a little tired of looking at your stuff at home? Is it time for a change? Well, here’s a secret – you don’t have to leave the house or spend any money to rejuvenate your home’s style. It just takes looking at your things with a fresh perspective. Check out these tips to spruce up your home with items you already own.

Pare down

First of all, let’s start with the basics. It’s hard to love your home when it’s cluttered and untidy. Before you begin any redecorating project, declutter your home. If an item doesn’t have a use or you don’t love it, set it aside to donate later. Visual clutter makes you tune out your environment – it’s just too much to take in. When your home is tidy, then you’re able to enjoy each item more.

Switch out lamps and shades

Have you always used the same lamps in the same rooms? Why not switch it up? Take a lamp from the living room and swap it out with the one on your bedside table. You might even just switch out the shades. If you’re using lamps in pairs, but they’re different heights, then set the smaller one on a stack of books. This creates visual symmetry without being too matchy-matchy.

New uses for old things

While stools are made for sitting, that doesn’t mean you have to follow that rule. Why not use a stool for an end table? Or take one of your favorite teacups that just sits in the cupboard and use it to corral jewelry in your bedroom. And before you toss that pretty wine bottle into the recycling, why not use it to display some spring flowers from your garden?

Switch out frames

Most people have framed photos scattered around their homes. When was the last time you really looked at them? Take an afternoon and switch out all the photographs that are in the frames. It can be fun to take a little walk down memory lane by searching through your old photos. You can also rearrange which frames go in each room to make them feel new again.

Restyle your shelves

Do your shelves contain a mix of books and knick-knacks? Then spend some time restyling those shelves. First, take all the items off and give everything a good cleaning. It can be surprising how much dust can collect on shelves. Then find a new way to organize your objects so you can appreciate them more. You may even bring in new items from other rooms to showcase them.

Group similar things together

By doing a style refresh on your home, you may suddenly realize you have a collection you didn’t know you had. Maybe you like items that have elephants on them, or you tend to gravitate towards a certain color. Take these similar items and display them together, either on your shelves or in vignettes on tables. They will pack a greater visual punch when displayed together and remind you of the things you really love.

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